America is without comparison to any other nation on the face of this earth, when it comes to writing and talking about noble notions such a Equal Rights, Democracy, Human Rights, Freedom, Rule of Law, Gender Equality, Racial Tolerance, multiculturalism, and so on and so forth. Lets take one of the foundation of our democratic idealism that of the Right to vote one of the noblest of democratic excercises given to every citizens in societies that have professed to practice the concept of governing by the consent of the governed as one example. An idealism we in America professed hold as dear to our hearts than any other in a free society, yet there are millions of our American citizens who have been deprived that very right because of technicalities which have nothing to do with the constitution. It might seem subtle to many people, but depriving millions of black people and poor whites in this country their right to vote just because they have a felony is a blatant violation of their civil rights under the 14th Amendment of the United Sates constitutional guarantee each and every citizen Of the United States Equal Rights and Protection. Their rights to vote is being blatantly violated in a country that boast to be the champion of the free world. Those whose rights to vote have been taken away from them even after they have paid their debt to society by serving time in jail, contradicts the belief that we are a society that guarantees Equality of treatment to all, regardless of race, etc….

The noble notion or idealism to democratize the globe contradicts the deprivation of our very own citizenry whose relatives are in the battle fields in nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and who knows else where, Somalia etc… putting their lives on the line to bring democracy in those countries, when millions of their own country- men here in the U.S. are not allowed to choose who should represent them in their state House of Representatives, or in the U.S. congress. It is a shame when some of our policy makers in this country are using every possible dubious means to derail and circumvent the law (The Civil Rights Act of 1964)and getting away with it. We have become a nation of men and not of laws, what a shame. It will be an outcry, if what is happening in this country to the rights of people of color and poor whites is allowed to happen to the rich and affluent whites. But because it happens only to people that do not have the means and resources to challenge such injustice, the almighty media is silent about it, yet we profess to be a free and democratic country.

Another contradiction has to do with the right of every American citizenry to be able to work and provide for their families, that right is also one of our most cherished fundamental capitalist idealism, the pursuit of happiness. But as it now stands, millions of people of color and poor whites who have been convicted of drug charges and have done their time in prison are deprived of a right to seek and gain employment in jobs for which they are qualified. But people who have been convicted of drunk driving or alcohol related charges have no problem gaining employment in their respective professions. Since alcohol is a drug, just as marijuana or cocaine, why should there be different a treatment for one type of drug in terms of gaining employment when the two offenses have the same result, that of a public health issue. If that is not contradiction, then i don’t know what is. The only difference is this one is a people of color and poor white crime, the other is white affluent crime. A similar scenario and double standard applies to the so called war on drugs. When the crack cocaine epidemic was rampant in urban America, congress and the state legislatures wasted no time in instituting a mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines and a three strikes you are out policy. Now, that we have a “Meths” epidemic in suburbia there is no call for mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for its offenders. Just because offenders of meths or meths addict are white and affluent suburbanites and people in rural America, the call is for drug sentencing courts, probation,and drug treatment. If that is not a double standard and unequal treatment then i wonder what is.

America is still the greatest nation in the world, but we still have a long way to go before we can actually claim the moral authority to start telling other nations to guarantee human rights to their citizens, when we ourselves are not practicing what we are preaching. How can people of color take care of their families and live a contributing and progressive life in their communities when more than 25% of their husbands,spouses,sons,and daughters under the ages between 18yrs to 35yrs are being incarcerated in state and federal prisons for victim less crimes that was caused by a disease called drug addiction, when their white affluent counterparts with similar drug addictive problems are spending time in drug rehabilitation clinics, of which many of those cases are paid for by the American tax payers, why not accord the same treatment to people of color and poor whites, instead of sending them to state and federal prisons and jails, to be away from their communities and their families were they could have taken up their responsibilities of providing for their children. It costs more to send one person to state or federal prison a year than it costs to attend a private university. Incarceration then becomes a cash cow to milk the tax payers by state governments all in the name of combating crimes, a crime that has no victim. The great American contradiction goes on.


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