What is most troubling to me is how our political commentators and those talking heads who think they know it all, can’t even think of one workable approach to solve the madness that is going on in the Middle East and the Gulf Region. I am talking about the brutal and senseless  sectarian violence in Iraq; the terrorist attacks on our troops who have gone to that God forsaken region of the world to help them get rid of one of the most brutal dictators in modern times; the new form of mass  killing device the insurgents are using (the human bomb) to inflict sensesless destruction of innocent civilian lives in the name of a twisted idelogical belief or better still a misunderstood world view. These talking heads and so called experts should be discussing how best can we use our greatest assets at our disposal (American ingenuity) to bring order and stability in Iraq before it spread across to other nation states in Gulf region, or nation states in the Arab penisula. America  has always been successful diplomaticly when we have employed a practical approach grounded on pragmatism to design and implement a workable policy to solve problems in other parts of the world without resorting to military means as a first resort. Why not discuss a pragmatic approach to bring an end to the madness that is Iraq instead of a a military surge which will only escalate the problem.  There is no argument the situation in Iraq is part of a broader war on terror, but why not find a pragmatic solution to resolve the mitigating condition that was brought about as a result of almost forty years of political oppression, ethnic hatreds and religious disharmony. By defining what is going on in Iraq as simply Islamic terrorism or sectarian violence we are  blurring the fight of those who are using the situation to demand forcefully  by any means necessary (including violence) for an equal and just society; economic self determination for all Iraqi’s; for a mutual ethnic and cultural respect between Islam and western religions in the present world of globalization. It appears that there are some remnant of fundamental religious leaders in the Middle East and the Islamic world who are suspicious of western hegemony especially Americas uni-polarism, and are trying everything within their powers to make sure that Islam as a way of life is not threatened by western cultural beliefs and value system.

How can we be certain for sure which is which? if we just dismiss those concerns and labelled them terrorirism, because of our failure to see things as they really are, are approach in solving the actual problem will be guided by our misapprehension of the real causes for the madness in Iraq. How can you combat an idea which has no value for human life with another violent idea like war? We tried that formula in the past and we were virtually in a stalemate with the former USSR for over 50 years. What was the outcome of all that mutual prepared armament build up to protest us from communist aggression? The USSR and their satellite countries in Eastern Europe and the USA together with its western alliance in western and central Europe spent trillions of dollars trying to mutually destroy each other in the Cold War days. All the money that were spent preparing for a war that never happened could have been spent by both the communist block nations and the western alliances  for the good and well-being of humanity. Now we are faced with similar situation, but now only differently. It is different because the enemy we are preparing to fight is an invisible enemy, just think about it for a minute.

We in the good US of A have spent billions of dollars to liberate people two countries from regimes that were very oppressive to their own citizens and posess immense threats to the world community. We found those regimes unacceptable to be an integral part of the civilized community of nations. We had no choice but to use military measures for humanitarian reasons to correct the unacceptable dehumanizing conditions the leaders in those two regimes put their own people through. Many of our young brave men and women have sacrificed their lives to make human conditions better for the people in those two countries (Afghanistan and Iraq). Now see how they are repaying us for our good deeds. What does that tell us? It means that this is one battle we can’t win on the battlefield. It means that we have to win this battle the same way we won the stalemate that lasted for 50 plus years with the USSR without firing a shot. We won that stalemate with a counter idea that was most acceptable to people in Eastern Europe. We provided them with an alternative they can’t refuse, that was the end of the stalemate. Economic opportunity a-la- a member of the global free market econic club. Don’t you for a minute think, that if we adopt similar policies to the youths in the Arab world , with a promise for a better world they won’t take us on that. History tells us what a little token such as the Maeshall Plan did after WWII, to keep the peace amongst the billegerant Europeans. That Plan went a long way to keep wars at bay in Europe. Don’t you agree that the Marshall Plan was very cost effective comapared to the spending that is required to fight a war? We had our own war on Terror back her in the 1960s, don’t anybody remember? The Blacck Panther, Black Power and all the other radical elements who were fighting to make sure that they also get Social Justice. What did we do? We tried waterhose, mass arrests and all other cohesive and inhuman tactics, but it never worked. Haven’t we learnt that Ideology is not geared for solving practical problems. Pragmatism, my fellow Americans, calls for solution to a practical problem. In the USA we adopted a pragmatic solution to combat our own war on terror. We created programmes such as Affirmative Action, to enable those who felt they were left out of the great American dream to become a part of it. We created a War on Poverty and the Great Society, to help those who could not make it through the rat race to at least get on by. Before long, no one is talking about BUrn Baby Burn, or Black Power, or all that social Justice stuff. I am not at least arguing that that solved all the problems, but at least, it was the beginning of something practical. Not before long people of color and women were graduating from some of the most prestigious universities and colleges. As part of the “Artificaial Middle-Class” they were no more interested in Burning down their neighborhood, for now they are the neighborhood. That is what pragmatism will give you, solid solution. Why not try a pragmatic approach in the Middle East for a change? Le us literally force the state of Israel to make peace with its neighbors, let us force the Arab countries that we have influence with to recognize the state of Israel, and let us force the wealthy Arab states to invest in the Palestinian refugee camps to help create a better living conditions for those young men and women. Then let us wait and see, if they are going to continue strapping bombs around their waste line and kill innocent people together with their own lives as young as age 15.


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