The question that has been raised in many discussion recently relates to the question of whether war is a moral or immoral act against huamnity. The are those who have argued that war is a necessary evil to right inhumane treatment of helpless people from the cruel whims of dictators like Sadam Hussien. In “Grond Work of the Metaphysics of Morals” Kant attempts to search for a practical doctrine of morals and moral laws that is derived from the universal concepts of rational beings that will hold for every rational being regardless of religion. In his search for a principle of mral concepts Kant sets out to present a complete unity of a practical with speculative reason by establishing a supreme principle of morality as the single key to every moral decision. Kant’s postulate that all moral concepts have their seat and origin completely a priori in reason. Kant suggests that just as in reason that is speculative in the highest degree, morals cannot be abstracted from any empirical or mere contingent cognition. When arguments of war are reduced to the concept of moral rights it becomes prblematic, especially when there is nothing moral about killing or maiming another human being to save him or her from him or her self. The argument made by some neoconservatives in the U.S. and in Britain to go to war against Sadam Hussein’s Iraq was that of restoring a new world order as president Bush senior once declared after he took the oath of office as president of the United States. In their designed of a new world order their conservatives in the Bush senior and Bush junior White House failed to realize the rapid social transformation nations in the Balkans, the Persian Gulf regions have been going through since the end of the Cold War. The vision of those neoconservatives who were calling for America the only remaining Super power to asserts its hegemony in a bipolar globalized world were blurred and dsitorted by their insensitivities  to recognize the social and economic injustice  brought about by more than half a century of corrupt regimes put inplace by previous American Administrations during the Cold War to combat Soviet communist expansionism. The neoconservatives who were in the advising George Bush I., and George Bush II,  failed to recognize the spirit of nationalism and religious disharmony which had been brewing for a long time in that part of the world but had been  kept in check by repressive dictators and tyrants kept in power and supported by the U.S. and Britain. They failed to recognize the significance religion plays in the mind set of the people in that region for had they recognize those dangers they would not have driven us to two senseless wars in less thana decade. Had they paid enough attention to what was happening in that region after the Cold War had ended they could have called for economic and educational development in that region to undermine Sadam’s regime instead of calling for a premtive war that has eventually caused more evil than good. What then is the rational or moral principle that has been accomplished by using our miltary to overthrow a dictator that we could control to a sectarian war that will ventually end in creating another Islamic Revolutionary state.I have no remorse for the way sadam and his children met their ends, but I questined the rationale of replacing a power drunk and evil dictaor we can control to that of bunch of  Mulahs we cannot control because they are using the most powerful means at their disposal that of religion to create hatred for America and its allies to foster their ambition of the creation of an Islamic Revolutionary state.


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