Turkey and the European Union

Entry for December 09, 2006 magnify

I was reading a response a friend had written in her blog entry explaining why Europe is very reluctant to admit Turkey as a member to the EU. She mentioned Islams’ unequal treatment of women,  as being among many of the other cultural reasons for Europes refusal to admit Turkey as a member of EU. Islamophoebia aside, how can someone pass a judgement on an issue they are ignorant about is nothing short of the highest form of arrogance for lack of a word appropriate enough to describe that sort of misapprehension. Islam is the only religion that provided an equal and just treatment in its Holy text (the Quran) for women. Because men are what we are, a very weak creature by creation that cannot control his inclination and sexual drives, the Holy Quaran commanded all believers who have procliamed their belief in Islam and the supremacy of their creator the one and only God to protect the rights of women and to threat them justly if men fear God their creator or else man will have to answer to Him come the Day of Judgment when no soul can avail another and every soul will be treated according to their good deeds on this earth. All muslims are commanded to protect the rights of women and to treat them justly for fear of Hell fire. Concerning adultery, both men and women the Holy Quran commanded will receive equal punishment for violating their  sacred oath of matrimony. When a man accuses his wife of committing adultery that man should produce three witnesses who shall swear an oath to tell the truth. If the tribunal discovered that any one of those three witnesses is not telling the truth, that witness will be forever prevented from ever being a witness to any case as long as that witness is alive. The same punishment given to a woman if found guilty for committing adultery is the same punishment that is also given to a man who is found guilty of adultery. To go beyond the laws which are man made laws, that anyone with wealth and fame with a sound and schrewd lawyer can be found innocent or not guilty by his peers as we do her in the west, Islam made it very clear that if the truth is twisted those who are responsible for twisting the truth and the guilty parties will be severely punished for their injustice in the Day of Judgement. So my friends, you can’t say that a man or any person who is a believer of the faith, and who believes in the Day of Judgement and the Fire of Hell will be willing to risk God’s retribution just so that he can please his fellowman or woman her on earth. What none believers of Islamic faith don’t understand is that their is a Higher Power greater than all the worldly powers here on earth, that everyone regardless of religious belief, or social standing here on earth will have to answer to. Like the Holy Bible said, “what does it benefit a man (a person) to gain the fortunes of this world and suffer his/her soul in eternity. Just think about that next time you want to discuss a subject that you are very ignorant about.  I will continue this discussion some other day, waiting for  any responses you may have.

One Response

  1. Where to start..

    Is any of this true?
    Quran 4:34, 2:223, 2:282, 4:3, 4:11, 4:34, 4:128

    everything from polygamy, wife beating, child marriages, unequal inheritance, temporary wives, never leave home alone…


    Islamic doctrines regarding women are barbaric and I think you know that.

    Or do you?

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